RO Plant

Design, Construction, testing and commissioning of 800Cm of RO plant

Irqha Infrastructure

Design, Construction, testing and commissioning of external infrastructure upgrade works including but not limited to Miscellaneous pavement, Parking area, dweage networks , storm water drainage, irrigation networks, low voltage net works , Existing power feeder upgrade, Street Lightings, bus stop infrastructure Construction of Contractors Site office and facilities, for Strom water line supply and installation of pipes including trench excavation pipe laying fittings and backfilling.


Engineering , Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Testing of Explosive Magazine: Supply Installation & Integration of HCIS related items & Fence, Anti Vehicle Barrier (AVB) & Civil works , Road Works , Generators, Outdoor DPs, Outdoors cables, cable from Panels to Buildings ATS, Diesel Tank Diesel Dispenser, Piping.